Bikeservice Flywheel Puller Kit ::

Bikeservice Flywheel Puller Kit

  • Kit includes 2 and 3 way yoke, 125 mm forcing screw, live tip, 3pc M6 x M1.0 x(L) 20 mm bolts, 3pc M6 x M1.0 x (L) 45 mm bolts, 3pc M8 x P1.25 x (L) 45 mm bolts, 3pc M8 x P1.25 x (L) 100 mm bolts, 3pc 3/8”x 16t UNC x (L) 125 mm bolts
  • Pulling system for removing clutch bodies, flywheels and primary gear assemblies
  • Supplied with various lengths of bolt to accommodate various applications
  • Working range: 30–100 mm
  • Traveling range: 110 mm

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