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Quad Lock Motorcycle Vibration Dampener

The level of vibration from some motorcycles can affect the image stabilization on new smartphones but with the Quad Lock® Vibration Dampener you can reduce over 90% of high-frequency vibrations produced by your ride. Featuring a dual-chassis suspension system with precision engineered silicone grommets, the Vibration Dampener absorbs vibrations to protect your smartphone’s camera and comes with everything you need to integrate with your existing Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount.

  • Compatible with all Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts and Motorcycle Chargers (Wireless and USB)
  • Secure integration with Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts for same secure lock in portrait or landscape mode
  • Glass filled nylon (upper and lower chassis)
  • Precision engineered silicone dampening grommets
  • 23mm (height)
  • 60.3mm (width).
  • 1x allen (Hex) key
  • 1x M5×12 countersunk screw (contained within Vibration Dampener).

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