BikeMaster Rubber Muffler Plug ::

BikeMaster Rubber Muffler Plug

  • Protects the exhaust system from water during pressure washing, keeps humidity from entering pipe as it cools down or prevents condensation inside the pipe during storage
  • Formulated to be stiff enough to not fall out but soft enough to insert into the pipe without damage

Please note: One plug is in each package. If you have two exhaust to plug at the same time, order two.

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$4.65 - $5.75
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Sizing Information

  • Small fits most 2-stroke applications. The diameter tapers from 1-1/2” wide to 5/8” wide
  • Large fits most 4-stroke applications. The diameter tapers from 2-3/8” wide to 1-1/4” wide

Our Two Cents

The Bike Master silencer plugs fit most exhaust systems. You can use these when washing your bike or storing it for long periods of time. They seal off the end of the bike to prevent water or other foreign materials from getting into your exhaust which could cause damage. The plugs are made from rubber so you can get a good seal and not cause any damage to the inside of your exhaust.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Patrick B.
Location: New York

Feels awesome. Great look and strong construction icon boots. Skull cap works great and keeps cool in hot weather Muffler plug fits perfect