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Icon 2020 Mini Helmets

Here’s your chance to have pocket-sized nostalgia with the first series of ICON Minis. Collect 12 different popular pint-sized helmets from the ICON graphics vault of yesteryear, perfect for the ultimate ICON fan.

Series 2 Ascension, Burn Baby Burn, Chieftain, Crossbone Racer, Doodle, Elemental, Mechanica, Pleasure Dome, Skull, Space Bass Face, Speed Cretin, Synthwave

Series 3 Battlecry, Brozak, Day of the Dead, Majesty, Pharaoh, Rockets Dead Glare, Sensory, Seventh Seal, Shaguar, Speed Metal, Warthog, Zipperface

  • Sold in 12-pack poly bag

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