RK Chain Technical Information

View the diagrams below in detail to see the lubrication provided by a standard O-ring chain compared to the superior lubrication provided by RK’s RX- and XW-rings. You can see the difference!

O-ring chain diagram

RK’s RX-ring chain

The RX-ring is incorrectly labeled as O-ring in this diagram

RK’s “RX-ring” chains feature an X-ring shaped seal. Viewed in cross-section, the “X-ring” has two lubrication pools and seal points versus the single seal point/pool design of a regular O-ring chain. “RX-ring” technology offers less torsional friction, increased high-stress performance, and a 30% longer wear life compared to standard O-ring chains. RK’s new “RX-ring” chains offer tremendous value, plus true quality and performance for all the most demanding high performance applications.

RK’s XW-ring chain

The “XW-ring” is made of an advanced Nitrile Butadiene composite and features three contact lips and two convex outer stabilizers. This means three lubrication pools to protect against high speed abrasion, extreme heat build up, torsional flex and loss of lubricant. Nitrile Butadiene composite is oil and contaminant resistant, and the “XW” seal design is compression and distortion resistant to provide the ultimate in efficiency and performance with absolutely no O-ring type drag. The “XW-ring” provides the user with a 50% longer wear life than basic O-ring chains.

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