Information About REV’IT Jacket to Pant Zipper Connections

REV’IT puts both a short and a long zipper in their jackets and pants (if the model is advertised that way). Customers can choose whether to use the short zipper to connect the jacket and pants (quick and easy), or whether to attach them with the longer zipper (more effort, more secure connection).

The short rear zippers are all the same length, 20cm, and therefore all pants and all jackets can be zipped together using the short rear zipper.

The long zippers on textile products are all the same length, 72cm, and therefore are completely interchangeable between models and sizes. Yeah!

The long zippers on the leather jackets and pants have different length connection zippers depending upon size. The models that have the different length connection zippers are sold in European sizes (not in Alpha sizes, such as Small, Medium, etc). Below is a chart that shows the long zipper length for the jackets and pants.

Jacket/Pant Size Long Zipper Length
46 67cm
48 71cm
50 75cm
52 79cm
54 83cm
56 87cm
58 93cm
60 99cm
62 105cm

All sounds good, right? Well, here’s the rub: Let’s say you are an “average” guy like me. I have a 46 chest and wear 38 pants. And let’s say I want to buy a REV’IT Ignition 2 Jacket and Gear 2 pants. I’d choose a 58 jacket and 56 pants, and as you can see by the chart, the zipper lengths of the jacket and pants aren’t perfectly compatible in length.

The zipper length can also be a concern if you want to mix styles.... like buying a leather jacket, sold in European sizes, to mate with a textile pant.

Here is what to know about this if either the jacket/pant you want to use together is sold in European sizes: If your proportions happen to fall such that you are buying a jacket and pants that are both the same European size, then great, you’re all set. If you are of the 80% of us that you wouldn’t buy the same European size in the both the jacket and pant, and/or you are mixing leather/textile styles, then the long zipper length will not be exactly the same length in both pieces. If they are close, you’ll probably not notice and everything will be fine.

If they are not so close in length, then your option would be to take the combo to a tailor and ask them to install the correct length zipper in place of the one that came in the jacket (it is typically a simple thing to alter the zipper in the jacket but a total pain to alter pants). Most pant styles are supplied with the mating half of the zipper they are manufactured with, so therefore the tailor can use the mating zipper half from the pant to install into the jacket. To check whether a pant style comes with the mating half of the zipper, please check the close-up photos in each product’s photo gallery.

This advice should cover about 99% of issues you might encounter, but if not, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do. :: Paul, 10-04-12