Dual Mounting Defined

“Dual Mounting” is a phrase we use to describe saddlebags and tail bags (or tank bags that can be used as tail bags) mounted on a motorcycle at the same time and attached to each other using a system of straps and quick release buckles. It’s important to know that depending on the manufacturer some pieces of luggage within their line may or may not have the “Dual Mounting” feature and there is no cross compatibility between brands. The buckles on brand X will not attach to the buckles on brand Y, etc…

What is good about “Dual Mounting”? Almost all manufacturers of luggage have a tail bag and saddlebags in their lineup. These pieces of luggage include a mounting system that is easily mounted to a motorcycle, “Dual Mounting” becomes important when you want to use these two pieces of luggage at the same time.

Example: You mount a set of saddlebags and now you want to mount a tail bag, 99% of the time, the saddlebags are blocking all the access points for the tail bags mounting system so proper/secure mounting of the tail bag becomes difficult or impossible. Saddlebags and tail bags with the “Dual Mounting” feature have a separate set of mounting straps with quick release buckles that are only used when the two pieces of luggage are on the motorcycle at the same time, these buckles attach the two pieces of luggage together creating a secure and complete luggage system.

Check out this video that demonstrates the “Dual Mounting” feature. THE INFORMATION IN THIS VIDEO IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY, WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE METHOD OF INSTALLATION THAT YOU USE. You should always contact the manufacturer of the luggage you are considering for detailed information on how to install their products on your motorcycle.

Installation Video for Dual Mounting Tail Bags and Saddlebags

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