Curtis G. from Oregon

February 25, 2008
Great jacket for a great price! I've been wearing this jacket for 3 months now and have been pretty impressed. With a fleece liner underneath I've ridden comfortably in 20 degree weather, yet with the ventilation provided and removable vest liner feel that I'll be able to ride comfortably in 70 degree weather with this jacket. Leather and build quality seem to be good and while the distressed look is a little... fake... when the jacket is new - within a month it starts looking natural (I do ride daily... your mileage may vary). Style and fit are what I was looking for. Newenough is and always will be my first stop for motorcycle gear. I can almost never find a cheaper price on motorcycle gear than newenough (and when I can it's usually less than $5) - but even when I do, I'll order from newenough because products arrive fast, well packed, and their return policy is the best anywhere (speaking from experience). Thanks newenough!
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