William C. from New Hampshire

June 20, 2014
This jacket is absolutely true to size; it does not run large or small. I MEASURED my chest at a hair over 44 inches; I am pictured wearing a 46. I definitely have a good 2 inches of breathing room in this jacket wearing just a thin t-shirt and the armor is sitting in all the right places. I have relatively long arms, but nothing ridiculous and often find most jackets narrow enough for my chest don't offer enough sleeve length; this jacket sits perfectly at my wrist. I am 6'1" tall and weigh 175 - 180 lbs with a 44" chest and a lean but somewhat athletic build; I wear a 32x32 for jeans (this is with a proper break at the ankle; not baggy/bunched up). Don't go by sizes you "normally wear" because these can vary by brand; take the time to measure your chest. If you want the jacket form-fitting order your exact size. If you want room for a sweatshirt/back-protector or whatever underneath order 2 inches up as is advised. Someone on here posted the sleeve length as being too short; this guy must be huge! I have long arms and the sleeves are just fine. From my ARMPIT (as far in as I can go) to my wrist/palm I am 21" with my arms relaxed at the sides; measuring from the top of the arm over the shoulder is tricky (people screw it up a lot); measuring under from armpit to palm will be easier to recreate and more consistent. The jacket feels nice; the fit and finish is good. The leather feels thick and a bit stiff, but it's just fine! I will say that the slightly stiff collar in the front where the velcro strap covers the zipper is a little annoying, but I am happy overall and I am sure it will break in. I went on a ride today with the jacket for the first time and got lots of complements. This is a killer jacket for the price. You will be very hard pressed to find anything close to this quality BRAND NEW for the prices being offered here. I spent a lot of time looking around!
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