Bill B. from Pennsylvania

April 6, 2014
I'm impressed with and their easy return policy, as I sadly must return this suit. I'm a big fan of Alpinestars, as most of my street gear is made by them. I was looking to replace an aging Shift one-piece suit with this one, but it's just not made as well. I understand it's Alpinestar's base suit however, so of course lowest price = lower quality. For example the armor inserts are embedded in the removable mesh liner, not the suit itself, and are rather small. The zippers seem a little fragile, too, and the logos are not appliqu├ęs but rather "painted" on (like artwork printed on most t-shirts), so I'm sure will rub off easy. The leather is nice, with a flat-black finish I really like, both fabric and leather accordion-like expansion panels aid in comfort, and while the fit for this new one is naturally a little snug vs. my Shift, both size EUR 52, I'd expect it would relax overtime. A EUR 54 would much too loose I'd think (I'm 6'0 185 Lbs). It's a fine suit if you will accept tradeoffs for the lower price for a A-stars, else you may want to consider a bit more coin and getting their SP-1 if you can afford it (I've read it's better on many of these points, like bigger armor). Safe travels! Bill
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