Gordon L. from New York

March 6, 2013
The RKT 201 Abyss is a great deal for a 2010 Snell helmet. Graphics are a bit too flashy but for closeout price, it's good enough to have your head protected. It looks better than it does in the stock pictures. Sizing is according to specs on chart so I can say it's spot on and can fit my wire frame eyeglasses without much issue. The Speed and Strength Over the Influence Gloves fit well. It's not flimsy yet also not bulky where dexterity is affected. Should be good balance for street riding. Thor Sector Knee Guards fit well under loose/baggy jeans. It can also be worn over jeans. It's a compromise for street riding but the armor is where you need it to be. It's a bit on the bigger side especially the knee caps (I'm a skinny guy). The two straps on the shin are adjustable and can be made snug. The staff and service from Motorcyclegear.com are great. Questions from emails are answered promptly and thoroughly. I've read about this company when it was NewEnough and they've had great reviews. I recommended friends to check it out before I got into the passion. After my own experience, I will definitely buy from them again.

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