Colin L. from California

February 19, 2013
6'1 34 waist and 33' inseam, about 180 lbs. Was looking for a nice two piece riding suit as I had read (and tried on) one pieces are tougher to find 'right' for taller, lankier guys. The Laguna jacket had sold out in my size so I decided to go with the Monza and pair it to the Willow pants. The fit of the Monza, size 44, is fantastic - perfect length all around. I swapped out the foam back pad for a CE approved one from an under armor jacket I had, no problems at all. I would like to add some reflective tape or paint to it in some spots, which is what drew me to the Laguna jacket. Still, for the money it's an excellent jacket and the site review is spot on. The Willow pants are fantastic and I kick myself in the butt for not having gotten proper riding leather pants sooner. They are comfortable, provide good ventilation in 80 degree weather (I did get the perforated version) and combined with the Monza jacket, feels fantastic as a two piece riding suit. I had some small issue with the right shin but it turned out to be the velcro fastener holding the padding in place was slightly off center, causing it to cut into my shin. 10 seconds later and the problem is solved. This was my first time trying out AGV gear and I'm looking forward to more in the future.
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