Navin from India

January 25, 2013
Received the package after about 20 days after ordering. Amount on the website was 69$, but it cost 133$ including shipping and tax(India). Still it was a steal at that price. Finish is great, fit is also perfect, true to size. Padding is high end. Air vents work great, especially during tucked in position there is a significant improvement in airflow through the top vents than when riding upright. Wind buffeting is also on the lower side when tucked in. Offers a wide field of vision. There is a fair bit of wind noise after about 80mph especially when the vents are open and riding upright. couple of earplugs should take care of that. So guys who tour on nakeds, beware. The vents on this helmet are designed to work better on sport bikes. Slight amount of fogging is there, but opening the lower vent took care of it. Weight is on the lower side. One of the lightest DOT/Snell M2010 helmets around, or so i've heard. Overall a great product and kudos to MCG team for selling this product at such low prices. Downright VFM.
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