Nik R. from Maine

November 6, 2012
Was really looking for a balaclava to wear when I ride during the winter (today was my first November '12 ride. One in December, January and February and that'll make 36 months straight with at least one ride a month - pretty good for the great white north!) I'd been using an old ski neck gator but it is too bulky and the HJC balaclava seemed perfect. I wear a sweatvac cap under my helmet normally and the HJC unit would kill two birds with one stone. The fit of the balaclava over my seven and and eighth inch head was snug but comfortable and I felt no seam pressure from the fabric. However, unless the unit is precisely placed, the face opening becomes VERY uncomfortable because it is quite small. I found I was readjusting it to keep it out of the corners of my eyes and from going up my nose. My other complaint with the unit was that it does not come down far enough to block the wind from my neck. I'm not a big guy but it barely made the base of my neck and once I tried to pull it over the collar of my Tourmaster vest, it simply bunched up. It needs to be a good 2" or more longer and surely wider at the base to provide proper neck coverage. The upside is that my wife has a smaller head and this will probably fit her just perfectly so it'll end up with her gear. Quality I give good marks to, design and fit, well, if you've got a small head you'll probably find it a good buy.
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