Lenora from South Dakota

October 23, 2012
I am very pleased with this purchase. I got the jackets for myself and for my boyfriend and we're satisfied. What I was looking for in the jackets was that they would match my boyfriend's bike, they'd be cool in the hot weather (mesh), and that they'd be worth the price. I wasn't too picky. Oh! And since my boyfriend is in the military, he has special guidelines for like EVERYthing, including his attire on his sports bike..he had told me that he needed reflective material on the jacket. Those are the things I was looking for and I am 99% happy with the jackets: they look GREAT, feel great, are cool once the wind comes through when the bike is moving. The only thing that could've been better was the reflective material. I'm not sure how effective it was in the dark, but my boyfriend told me he still feels like he should wear something that is more reflective. So he wears this reflective vest thing over the jacket. This is just at night and he says it is no hassle at all. The jackets came right on schedule..but when he opened them, he told me they were folded and there was a weird crease down the back. He's a fixer, so he just worked at it a little and put them under his mattress for the night. He loves his jacket and I love mine. GREAT BUY. Thank you motorcyclegear.com!!!
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