G. Adkins from Florida

October 22, 2012
This was a purchase made only because motorcyclegear.com had one of their "almost free" sales... which in this case was "actually free." The Power Trip Ronin jacket was an item I was fully prepared to not like because, let's be honest, how good could something free really be? That being said, it is comfortable, it is warm when you want it to be and relatively breathable when you need it to be, it has (removable) armor, and motorcyclegear is giving an awesome rebate with it. Heck, even the style is growing on me. This is a very nice jacket, free or not, and I even purchased another one after the fact to give as a gift. The pictures don't do it justice; the denim/cotton material is a nice dark shade of black. Leave it to motorcyclegear to convince me to buy something I don't think I want and deliver a product I'm now completely happy with. Thanks!
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