Johnny H. from California

September 27, 2012
For the price of a regular jacket, you get a full suit and it's a pretty good one too. Let's talk fitting first. I am 5'10" and weight 160, regular non-atheletic build and I got the size 42 suit. It's not a skin tight suit. For me, there is a little bit of room around the waist, butt and thigh area. Chest and arms fit great. Calves are nice and snug. When standing straight up, the suit feels a little tight in the mid section, which I think a little break-in should help. And pant legs are slightly above the ankles. When sitting on a bike, it feels great. For reference, my old A* gears, I wear a size 40 jacket and 32 pants and they are snug. No extra room anywhere. Those without chicken legs know how tough it is to get in the A* track pants when the waist fits right. So if you are ok with a slightly looser, more forgiving fitment. This suit is great. Or if you have a little beer belly, this might be a good choice for you as well. The quality of the leather is on par with A* leathers. I've not had a chance to own Italian leather, so I can't compare with those. This suit's leather is nice and soft. Overall I am very happy with the suit. You will be too if you don't mind a looser fit around the waist and butt area.
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