Roadkill (Tim W.) from Walker Valley, NY

August 29, 2012
+The tendency of many is to give a glowing report soon after purchase, so I wanted to provide a deeper perspective after some mileage. I received my medium MC-1 Black/Red/White Joe Rocket RKT-201 Abyss Helmet in June. All of my other helmets, including for winter use, are open face. In fact, I owned my last full face helmet over 500,000 motorcycle miles ago. Enter's recent almost free sale... I wasn't looking for a full face helmet, but I needed new waterproof leather boots, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick up an excellent helmet for a price deal that let me also buy two pair of boots for a great price. (I'll provide a boots testimonial separately.) I went into the Abyss purchase with the mindset that I'd keep the helmet around for occasional use, since I'd picked up a sportbike last fall. Well, with the warmer weather, and its great fuel mileage, I've been riding the sportbike almost exclusively, while the other bikes sit idle in the garage, and I've found the helmet to be extremely comfortable (perfect fit thanks to the sizing guides), and more lightweight than my current open face helmets. Color options even allowed me to match the bike. I've only put 2500 miles on the helmet since then, in varying weather, and am completely satisfied on the sportbike. While I'm also satisfied when riding behind my larger windshielded bikes, I feel stifled due to a lack of air circulation, so I ride those bikes with the helmet faceshield at the first open setting. (Please understand that my minor dissatisfaction is not the helmet's fault, but rather a result of the way my other bikes are windshield clad, and my desire for air circulation at my face.) I see that the Joe Rocket RKT-201 is available again for only $77. My strong recommendation, if you've been looking for a quality piece of equipment at a fair price, is to buy it. With a properly-sized purchase, I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied. Ride on. Roadkill (World's Highest Mileage Victory)
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