Brandon B. from California

August 27, 2012
Don't hesitate, just buy this helmet!....excellent helmet, especially at this crazy closeout price. The helmet looks great, its light, comfortable, has great visibility, and vents really well. I've been riding in this in 90deg+ weather here in California, and my head stays cool. This is definitely sport bike oriented, as the top vents work best when you're in a more leaned forward position.I'd say the helmet is about average as far as noise, and even quieter than some others I've owned. The build quality is really good...nice tight seal on the visor. The interior liner is comfortable, nothing super plush like a Bell RS1...but more comfortable than a lot of helmets I've tried..kind of like a really soft cotton t-shirt to the touch. All in will be hard pressed to fins any helmet of this quality at this price point. I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

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