Heath B. from Massachusetts

August 13, 2012
I have been searching for boots wide enough to fit my feet and I have tried all the wide sizes and boots considered "wider than average". I wear an 10.5 EEE, I have tried TCX boots, Sidi "Mega", and a few others, all to no avail. I had JUST decided to give up and just wear some work boots on the bike when I got an email from Motorcycle Gear with a sale on these boots! I decided to buy a pair as a final effort in my hunt for wide motorcycle boots. I got an 11 Wide and they actually fit my feet! They were snug when I got them but not uncomfortable and they are breaking in nicely, just finished a 500+ mile road trip and I am very pleased with them, they were very comfortable. I would have been happy had that been it, however, they are ALSO amazingly waterproof! I got caught in torrential rain on the highway within a few hours of heading out, I was soaked through despite the rain liners in my pants and jacket, my feet were the ONLY part of me that remained dry!

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