C.D. from Tidewater, Virginia, USA

June 4, 2012
Recommended. Long story short, these TCX Airtech boots are much more breathable than a full leather boot and they are waterproof too. The boots run wide in the foot and have moderate adjustability in the calf area. I plan to use them mostly for 3 season commuting and for a little bit of touring. I have a wider than average foot and wear a size 10E work boot and these euro size 44 boots fit very well. So far I've used the boots in 60 degree weather up to about 88 degrees. Yes they are water proof and yes they are breath-able. Not so breath-able to be considered "breezy" but in the afternoon after work I can definitely feel the evaporative cooling on my sweaty feet. Soles are super grippy on the road. Boots are comfortable enough to wear at stops and discreet enough not to attract attention.
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