Sean K. from Korea

May 30, 2012
WOW!!! I LOVE THIS DEAL I GOT!! Nova jacket 2.0 yellow msrp 179.99 bought for $42!!! HJC CL-16 Hellion msrp 139.99 bought for $78!!! Speed and strength gloves msrp 79.95 bought for $25. Whole thing for $163 with shipping (the price of a helmet). Total savings $253 off msrp. I could have bought these items elsewhere on the web but no where near the price i got here at Deliver was fast! Love the helmet and jacket. Joe rocket makes quality jackets and you can see the time and research they put into this one. With its adaptability you can wear it all year around. Also looks allot better in person then the pic. HJC helmet is great too. snell approved for 78$??? I MEAN THATS JUST NUTS! its what i would expect from a mid level helmet, good quality, better than my old scorpion 400 for comfort. The speed and strength gloves are pretty cool. I would never pay 79 for them but for entry level gloves they work well. Btw my whole outfit matches yellow, black and sliver. Going to look pretty nice cruising around this summer!
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