Mark S. from Arizona

May 11, 2012
I submitted a testimonial in June of 2009. I just ordered ANOTHER one after a CRASH with my old Joe Rocket Reactor 2.0 Jacket. I lost the front of my bike at about 30 mph. The jacket held up very well. The jacket's right leather covered shoulder and elbow got destroyed and protected me very well. It seems that my left jacket sleeve got pushed up, armor and all, exposing my elbow to the tarmac. Road-rash! NOT THE JACKETS FAULT though. The jacket is 3 years old and was getting stretched from daily usage and hanging. On top of that, I lost some weight in the last 3 years and the jacket was a bit too big.I am going down one size from the first purchase. This jacket will do the job and save your skin. It is the perfect summer jacket! Thanks Joe Rocket!
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