Alex K. from California

April 19, 2012
This is my 2nd RF-1100 in three years. Had a little date with the asphalt at the track; it went very well and now we're in round 2 (new date...helmet). Very quiet helmet, comfy, good ventilation specially through the front; transferred my chatterbox x1 cables and i love how Shoei has the pre-built speaker sunken holes. Got the metallic black this time, it's shiny with very fine sparkles of dark gray, don't think it's as shiny as solid black...more in between that and matte. Fits as indicated on the Shoei size chart, remember even if it's a bit tight in the beginning, after a ten rides or so everything will loosen up and it will feel even better. The Tourmaster pouch is good, soft lining inside out.
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