Tony L. from Utah

March 5, 2012
After owning and using these gloves and shorts through the Winter season, here are my thoughts: -Joe Rocket Nitrogen Gloves The Good: -These gloves are super warm. They are warm enough to keep the feeling in my hands through my morning commute, even in 20 degree weather. -Joe Rocket managed to keep the bulk off of this glove. For a colder weather glove, I feel surprisingly connected to the bike despite a layer of insulation between my hands and the bars. -I actually took a tumble off of my bike this winter when I hit a patch of black ice. These gloves held up like a champ. Despite getting a little dirty from sliding across the frozen asphalt, you can't even tell that the gloves have been through a crash. The Bad: -Not many things come to mind. The thumb squeegie doesn't work as well as I thought it would? (Do they ever work right?) Overall: I love these gloves. They are warm enough yet still leave plenty of dexterity in your hands. They quite literally saved my skin this winter, so I have nothing but good things to say about them. Best gloves for this price, in my opinion. -A* Compression Shorts The Good: -They actually work, kinda. As many reviews already mention, these shorts are mainly for supplemental protection and you shouldn't rely on them to fully protect you in a crash. With that being said, I was wearing these over my jeans during the aforementioned tumble and they actually did help a bit. -They fit well under regular clothes. I regularly wear jeans over these and no one can even tell I'm wearing these shorts. The Bad: -As mentioned above, the padding is quite thin on these and won't really give you a ton of protection. It will be good as a supplement to whatever you already have, but don't expect it to help you in a highside. -The seams seem (no pun intended) kind of weak. Every time I put these on I can hear the sounds of threads breaking. After wearing these for a season they are already falling apart. For reference, I'm 5'9" and 160 LBS with a 32 inch waist, and I have the Medium size. If you are around my size I would recommend getting the Large instead. Overall: I would probably recommend getting a pair overpants with CE approved padding instead. They'll likely offer better protection and be a little more durable as well. If you already have riding pants, but you want a bit more protection and support in the saddle, these would be an excellent product for you.

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