Adam from Chicago

June 9, 2011
I am becoming more and more impressed with Cortech gear. Here are two different pairs of gloves, both of which have excellent build quality and value. The first is the GX Air 2 (right glove shown, on the left side of the image), which is very lightweight and compact-able, and should be very comfortable in hot weather. There is only light padding, however, so they don't offer much protection, and the internal stitching is palpable so I don't think they'd be comfortable without wearing extra liners underneath (which I usually do anyways.) By contrast, the Adrenaline (left gauntlet shown on the right side of the image) is a pair of full gauntlets, which offer a ton of protection albeit in a less-hot-weather-friendly package. They are quite comfortable and offer plenty of adjustment in the wrist area. Additionally, they feature a ton of padding and hard reinforcement. Tour Master seems to be the only company that pays attention to, and provides protection for, the ulnar styloid process, which is susceptible to injury in a fall. The Adrenaline gauntlets remind me of the now-sold-out Cortech Injector gauntlets, albeit the former being a premium version; the latter is one of my favorite pieces of equipment so far.
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