JONATHAN W. from Missouri

May 14, 2011
I officially look like a geek, and couldn't be happier! Motorcycle gear shipping is the fastest i have ever had in 30 plus years of riding, amazing! The Scorpion EXO-100 is a fantastic half helmet. Lightweight, comfortable after it breaks in a bit, and not to heavy. My only issue with it is the hard foan innards. I had to remove the ear foam to get mine under the helmet, now i dont have big ol flappin ears or anything, but they folded over when i put it on, or i had to mash them between the very hard foam and my skull, either way would have been a thumbs down for what is otherwise a very well constructed helmet. So i removed the ear inserts, and replaced it with soft foam of half the thickness, and replaced the fabric cover, and taa daa! the perfect half! WARNING: there is NOTHING you can do to not look like a geek while wearing a half helmet! Your stunning good looks, will take a back seat to your blazing dorkosity. So, swallow your pride,get your geek on, and get one of these amazing Scorpion Exo 100 helmets!
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