andrew l. from California

April 29, 2011
Best boots under $400. Period. I purchased these as a replacement for some Sidi B2 boots I ordered from here. The Sidi boots just did not cut it and were entirely too loose. I couldn't pull them off in my room but I think the asphalt would be a bit more forceful and would have no problems. Enter A* SMX-Plus. There is an internal laced boot that snugs down perfectly and keeps my ankle secure. Additionally, the ratcheting top portion has a few inches of adjustment so they snug down perfectly to fit my cyclist calves in leathers but would still fit the biggest of legs. Ankle support is superb. Rolling side to side is not going to be an issue but unfortunately, all that plastic support tends to squeak a little. The only gripe I have is the flat insoles that come with the boots were uncomfortable on longer twisty rides. Swapped some old insoles out of my backup cycling shoes and they're good to go now. I highly recommend Specialized insoles if you want arch support. They're for cycling so they are firm and don't give a lot when you are shifting weight around but still provide excellent support (a little pricey though).
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