Adam from Chicago

April 27, 2011
I had previously purchased a pair of Speed and Strength gloves that are now also on closeout (Over the Influence.) My impression was that they were simple, entry-level gauntlets with decent build quality and a relatively low amount of protection; not bad for the price, but nothing spectacular. Since a couple of other pairs of this manufacturer's gloves are on closeout at a spectacularly low price I decided to give them a shot as well, and I'm not disappointed. The Moment of Truth gloves are again simply constructed, but fit perfectly and were quite comfortable even without the liners I normally wear. These are part mesh and will be used in hot weather. The Hell 'n Back gauntlets are the first pair I've owned that are explicitly advertised as being waterproof (although their effectiveness is still yet to be discovered), partially because reviews of the other waterproof ones I was looking at were very mixed. I figured it was worth a shot for the price. Again, these gauntlets are nicely made for the price, fit very well, and are surprisingly comfortable, the latter in no small part due to the great lining. The wipers on each thumb are a nice touch.
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