Adam from Chicago

March 18, 2011
The Overgloves are definitely difficult to size properly: I normally wear XL gloves or gauntlets, and the L/XL Overgloves just fit over a full gauntlet, but are huge compared to short street gloves. I hesitate to go to a smaller size because while the Overglove's fingers are longer than my own in gloves, its thumb is just long enough for mine so I think a smaller Overglove wouldn't fit. The overboots fit quite well, and are snug enough that they probably won't snag too much on the pegs or shift/brake levers. The TiMax seems like a pretty solid jacket, but I have mixed feelings about it. It's heavier than my other mesh jackets, so probably won't be comfortable in very hot weather like the other two are, but it will most likely be comfortable in a wider range of temperatures thanks to the included liner, which is quite thick and has full sleeves. Not mentioned in the product writeup is that the jacket has 3 buttoned loops at the bottom, presumably to hook onto a belt and hold the jacket in place, which is actually a nice touch and should work better than other jacket/pant manufacturers' zipper systems (particularly since if you're mixing & matching jackets & pants the zippers don't always match up between different manufacturers.) This jacket probably has better abrasion resistance but worse impact resistance than the other mesh jackets I've worn; as I mentioned it is thicker than I expected and seems sturdier, however, I'm not that impressed with the armor. The plate on the back is small and probably too high, while the rest of the back padding is flexible but seems flimsy and narrow. The elbow armor extends almost to the wrist but barely covers the elbow. The shoulder armor covers the side of the arm and not the upper part of the shoulder itself. Overall, it looks very nice and is solidly made, it's just not perfect.

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