brandon f. from North Carolina

September 22, 2010
I got my Tourmaster flex pants today! Thanks New Enough. I tried them on with all the liners in and I'd have to say my first impression was that these are the worlds most armored ski/snow pants. They definitely have that heavy padded feeling I remember from Maine winters; however, they also move and stretch quite well and feel quite comfortable in the riding position. Taking them off with the liners in is not easy with boots on. I will not be trying it again. I just the insulating liner is in I think this would work ok, but the waterproof liner does not completely unssip at the bottom. It has about an 6 inch tall zipper that is gusseted with more rainproof material. While I'm sure I'll be thankfull for it on wet rides, the small leg opening, even with the gusset fully extended, is not big enough to make these slip off pants over my size 10 boots. With the liners removed the pants still sit close enough to have the knee pads directly on my knee when I'm riding. The pocket for the knee pads is interesting. I pictured the armor having velcro with different position tabs in the pants being velcro, but this is not the case. The armor sits loose inside the pocket, as it does in all armored clothes I've tried, and it is positioned by where you choose to close the pocket. Picture a ziplock bag with the double zippers, the pocket is like that except it has three rows of velcro with matching rows at the bottom so you can move the armor up or down and seal it in position. Riding with the panels off to expose the mesh is qute comfortable in 90+ weather. I rode with jeans on and couldn't tell any difference in air flow which was quite nice. Minor quibles. This is definitely a seasonal rather than daily change out liner setup, but if you're looking at leg protection then you're not expecting to just throw a beanie lid on and hop on the chopper anyway. the zippers for the mash covering panels could rub against the tank on sports bikes. You'd have no problem if you have a tank bra, but a tank pad won't catch them. The zipper "hip" pockets are in front directly to either side of the fly zipper. They are surprisingly deep, actually if you put your keys in there your neighbors may look at you funny when you grope yourself pulling them back out...dan't ask how I know ;) All in all I really like these pants and I think they'll be perfect for me as a four season pant. I wish I had heard of New Enough and the deal they had on these pants long ago, it would have saved me some skin.
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