Richard L. from Illinois

September 16, 2010
The jacket is great, the best when it comes to summer riding! Great ventilation, and the color matched my bike! As you can see I took off the Honda patches (i ride a 636) and it looks great! The gloves are very good too. Good ventilation, a great summer glove. The insides have some rougher patches compared to other gloves I have, but overall a very good value. The disc lock has not failed me yet. fits under my tail (barely, but there's not much room in there). I prefer the orange because it sticks out. If I don't remember it's there, I see it! And the red led on the keyring is pretty helpful at night too. The Tech Spec pads help me grip my bike in those higher-speed turns. I didn't use the center pad because friends have told me it eats up their jackets. The mix of the side grips and a CF center pad is the best way to go.
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