Jeremy E. from North Carolina

August 4, 2010
I hit the asphalt in this jacket and am pleased with the results. I highsided in this jacket, luckily at relatively low speed (sprained wrist, sprained ankle, scuffs on legs, no serious injuries. I was wearing full gear). The Tour Master Draft Air Jacket held up admirably. The photo is of the shoulder, where it suffered the most damage. I was a bit concerned initially about mesh on asphalt, but my concerns are now dissuaded. This jacket could've taken far more abuse than I gave it. Will be buying again. Sizing: I will be going a size smaller next time (from large to medium). Large fit well with everything synched down, but the sleeves were plenty long, so I think a size smaller may fit the chest a bit more snugly. (I'm 6' 196lbs)
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