Cathy from SoCal

April 3, 2010
I love this jacket! It fits GREAT, and looks great. The fabric is much more silky than it looks in pictures making it a softer feeling jacket that still feels like it'll take care of you in a get-off. Sleeves are nice and long and seal down easily and well, without the struggle I often have with other jackets, whether you're wearing a gauntlet glove or seal the cuff over a shorter glove. The collar is nice and soft where it needs it and not only stays closed when velcroed, and also is low enough that it doesn't strangle when leaning forward on the bike. Although with the liner in, it's true, the air flow is hindered somewhat, I found that even so, it let in more than enough air to eliminate the need to do the remove/re-install dance for the shoulder season, when it's brisk in the morning, but warms up in the afternoon, a really nice feature. And, I think this jacket just looks good, without the faux girly, terrible color combos that seem to abound in the women's jackets. Huge plus, not to mention the nice reflective strips and eye-poking hi-viz, of which I am becoming an addict. Super satisfying. And, it's really comfortable to wear, due to flexible, well-cut material and design. (FYI, this picture shows most of the vents open in front).
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