Edgar R. from Florida

February 19, 2010
Florida it's not known for it's cold winters, but this one has been colder than most. One of the problems that has plagued me is the fogging up of my shield, something the Shoei RF1000 is known for. Being a die hard Shoei loyalist, I pursued various chemical solutions and at best their effectiveness was mild. On 40° mornings I would end up leaving my face shield cracked even at 70mph with the vents fully open and a fresh application of a common chemical anti fog agent. My first day with the Pinlock system, I thought "what the heck" and snapped the shield shut wile pulling out of my driveway and didn't open it until I arrived at work some 20 miles later. The pinlock system WILL NOT fog, no matter what. I've ridden under very cold (for Florida) circumstances and my field of vision has been absolutely clear. We wear a full face helmet like the RF1000 for both safety and comfort and with the Pinlock system neither will be compromised; no matter the weather conditions.
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