Nobutaka O. from Illinois

September 25, 2009
Ok so you cant really see the helmet and I have mad helmet hair, but you can see that I am grinning very happily about my helmet purchase. I was a little weary of the price being so inexpensive (my past Bell helmet cost triple this), but I was pleasantly surprised at its quality. It fit my head well (always try on the helmet before you buy), not too heavy, breathes well, doesnt fog up, and the visor is easy to change. There are many, many positives to this helmet. The only downside is that the vents that you can open or close do next to nothing...but the only other bad thing about the helmet that I can think of is that it wasn't free. I'm sure there are more comfortable helmets out there, but this one was pleasantly nice. Highly recommended for the price! Thanks NewEnough!
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