Jonathan W. from Illinois

September 22, 2009
I was planning my first 2500+ mile trip on my '08 Yama FJR 1300 and needed a tail bag. Thanks to NewEnough's incredible customer service and return policy I was able to find a tail bag that fits the bike well. Nelson Rigg bags are top quality. I was concerned that the side mounting flaps would not work on my bike with the factory hard saddle bags. I was able to fold the flaps under and still achieve a solid mount to the rear seat of the bike. The bag has a seemingly never ending amount of storage space all in a small foot print. I think it would be hard to mount it on the stock tail rack but would probably fit very nicely on just about any aftermarket tail rack that is 2-3 inches wider. In the picture I have the bag mounted close up to the back of the main saddle to allow some room for packing a tent and sleeping bag. Not a bad backrest. You can feel the quality of this bag right out of the box. The zippers work really well. There is even a little padded sleeve inside the main compartment that would hold a 15" laptop or any other gear that may needed a little added protection from other packed items. There is just the right amount of small compartments too for those smaller items.
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