Dave S. from California

September 4, 2009
This bag is mixed review for me. First the size, It really is a magnetic sunglass case OR a wallet case. It is not likely you will get both in at the same time unless you are a minimalist . I use two of them on my C-14 and like the small size as they mount anywhere and don't block my gas cap, which if you have a C-14 you know you will be accessing the cap often. Now for an observation, these have about the strongest magnets on them I have ever run across. After one ride with it attached to my MagKnight tank bra, the magnet left a perfect marking of it's shape on the tank bra. There is a warning with the bags about paint damage and I have added a soft padding to the bottom of the bag to hopefully protect my paint a bit. This may sound paranoid but hey it is a new bike. So that is the mixed review, do I like the bag YES, do I recommend it, yes with considerations. Enjoy!
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