Jonathan M. from California

July 31, 2009
I love .... best prices ive seen online. This was my first purchase from newenough(but not my last). The shipping is fast... got my items sent out the same day!!! For anyone worried about purchasing from this site dont be ... they are second to none. On To my items Teknic Chicane Leather Jacket was great very nice and comfortable and the sizing info provided by newenough really helped. I wear a L and bought my jacket in the same size (44) and it fits perfectly. I was a little turned off by the picture of the jacket on the site but it looks much better in person. Great Purchase!!! Icon Merc Long Gloves(Crash Tested): I have had the pleasure of having to test out my gloves on the road and they stood up well. I lowsided and just like everyone else my hands where the first to make impact on the ground. The gloves stood up so well that i didnt even worry about my hands, i was focused on my knees which were the second thing to hit the road.... I wasnt wearing any type of leg armor(my latest purchase from newenough).... it wasnt untill a few hours later that i looked at my gloves and noticed a few bits of road on my gloves that i realized that i had fallen on my hands first..... These gloves did there job well .... so well that i didnt even know i had fallen on them!
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