Jesse P. from Massachusetts

July 30, 2009
The Icon Accelerant boots are outstanding. Very comfortable, outstanding grip on wet / slick pavement. Warm, but not uncomfortable in the 80degree+ summer rains. I wish they had a reinforced panel where contact is made with the shifter peg, but I haven't had any problems with wear yet. The Tour Master Flex jacket is a great piece. I use the Mesh Layer the most, but have gladly put the water/wind shell on it when needed. Fits great, and is adjustable in all the right places. The shoulder vents are great for taking in air to keep things from getting funky, but I wish it had a vent in the back for exhausting heat, too. At highway speeds, it can "inflate" slightly with the air intake. Cortech Mini Magentic Tank Bag is the right size for my sport-standard. Holds surprising amount of stuff, isn't in the way when riding, and easy to use once off the bike, too. I was hesitant to order moto gear from an online source, but New Enough is outstanding. I'd do it again (and I have).
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