wayne from Oklahoma

July 9, 2009
I've been wearing the Joe Rocket UFO (v.1) mesh jacket for about 3 months in temps from the 70s up to 102. It allows a tremendous amount of air flow and the lighter colors do a good job of reflecting a lot of radiant heat. The only areas that hold in heat are the black parts on the arms and of course the areas under the shoulder and back armor. I usually wear a laptop backpack to work so it can get kind of steamy under there. The jacket runs true to size in my opinion, and the XL fits me as well as my other XL jackets. I'm 5' 11" and about 215. I wear a 46" sport coat and 36"-38" trousers depending on brand so if you're close to my height/weight the XL should fit you as well. The sleeves break right at the wrist bone and work well with short cuff gloves as well as full gauntlets. The shoulder armor can be a bit squirmy but it stays in place well enough once I've got it all zipped up and the elbow/forearm adjusters keep that armor piece in place very well. Fit and finish is what you'd expect from Rocket gear. Overall, I'm very happy with this jacket and I've already recommended it to friends.
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