Sean R. from Pennsylvania

June 4, 2009
I bought the Teknic Freestyle Jacket on closeout from the folks at because I figured that passing up a sweet deal like this on a waterproof jacket would be stupid for someone who commutes everyday on their bike, and because I was referred here by members of the forum community. The only other jacket I own is a Joe Rocket Atomic 3.0 that is one size larger, so that's all I have to compare it to. The Teknic Freestyle is comfier when the temperature will allow for it and is fully waterproof, but the venting on it is nowhere near as good. If the temperature rises above, say, 80 degrees, I'll wear the JR instead of the Teknic, despite the fact that I like the Teknic better. Many other reviewers will say that the vents on it do absolutely nothing. They do vent, and a significant amount. Just not enough when the temperature reaches what you would call "sweltering". I love the jacket, and the fast service was great, as was the pricing.'s closeouts section has redefined the way I shop for motorcycle gear. Thanks Newenough!
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