Rob O. from Oklahoma

April 10, 2009
Thank you again to New Enough for getting my third order to me in less than 24hrs! Unbelievable! The Shield, it looks great but I think there are more down sides than up. Mainly driven by the price. It's not quite as "mirrored" as I thought it would be. It's more of a Black Chrome, not straight mirrored. It's not as dark looking through it as I thought it would be either, but good enough where I won't have to wear my sunglasses anymore. Shouldn't have any problems wearing this during evening or low light times but obviously wouldn't wear it at night. It scratches kind of easy too so be careful with it. The fit is perfect, it just snapped right in to place. Shoei's design is great. In less than 60 seconds I had the clear shield removed and this one on. I've already had two compliments on it from my coworkers that ride. In all, I would have no problem paying around $30-$40 for it but not over $60 like I did.
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