Brandon C. from Arizona

March 9, 2009
I'm a big guy and I worried whether this suit would fit. As it turns out, it fits much better than I thought. It does gap at the waist a bit, but that's to be expected; I have a shoulder measurement of 57, waist of 34, and very large hips/legs. The Chicane suit actually flows quite a bit of air, so much so that when I'm riding to the track on a cool morning it can be unpleasantly cold without a long shirt underneath. Once racing, though, it's very comfortable. So far I'm impressed with the construction. I've not had a get-off (and hope to avoid them, period) but everything on the suit feels as solid as my Rev'It suit, which held up to exactly one (1) very nasty lowside. In short, this is a phenomenal value and I'm impressed by the fit and finish.
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