John Tewksbury from Springboro, OH

February 28, 2009
I love this company! Great customer service, and great products. I changed my order before it had shipped and they got me exactly what I wanted. They have earned my business for life. About the jacket: Very good fitment on me. I have a 40 waist and was unsure what to order. I am 250lbs and 6ft tall and it fits me perfectly without being uncomfortable. The adjustable snaps at the bottom keep the waist tight and the fitment is perfect around my chest. I am very happy. The armor feels strong and durable, and the shoulder and elbow armor feels secure. I believe it would stay in place during a crash. The zipper looks strong and durable, and the inner liner feels comfortable. I enjoy this jacket and can't wait to test it during summer. The many vents make me think it will be great even during hot summer days. Thanks again! My 2000 Honda Interceptor and I thank you.
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