David L. from California

March 7, 2018
Thanks for the prompt shipment. My order was for my son who is just getting riding and we were looking for good products at a fair price, I purchased from the previous New Enough Leathers back in 2002 (see photo) and now that my son has started riding, I'm glad to find the revised Motorcycle Gear.com. The Shoei Qwest Helmet is a very good helmet at a bargain price. And with the updated safety features/Snell rating/good fit, it meets our needs very well. The AGV Sport Rivet gloves had more features than I expected. The build quality is good and overall safety/design features looks well thought out. Although I still ride in my Held's, the Riviets are pretty good entry level street gloves, with a good balance between features/quality at a more affordable price point (the sale price made it a no brainer). Thanks again!

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