William C. from New Hampshire

July 10, 2014
So nice I bought it twice. I bought the red solid version of this jacket first and it was a bit stiff until I broke it in by leaving it in a heap on the floor (worked great!). The blue perforated version felt much softer initially. Air flow feels great for up to the mid 80's if you're able to avoid city stop-and-go traffic and keep moving. I measured my chest at slightly over 44 inches and bought a 46. The 46 gives me a little room to breath. It feels good! My longer-than-average arm length is not a problem. I have a slim waist and the adjustments at the waist work for me. I wear a 32 waist for jeans. The armor fits me well. I would describe my build as something between athletic and slim. It's a sharp jacket. It certainly isn't perfect, but it's a great buy. I can't complain! Like I said, I bought two of them... Just make sure to measure your chest. If it says it's a 44 it's going to be exactly 44 inches and feel tight. It's true to size. Many companies use "vanity" sizing. If they say "44" they are really making a 46 but labeling it as a 44.
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