Gerhard K. from Minnesota

June 29, 2014
I really was hesitant getting the AGV Topanga Leather Jacket ==> but let me tell you, you are a fool if you are not getting one for this price!!! What a steal.. seriously awesome Jacket. I weight 230lb, 5'10", 48 chest, 46 belly, broad build and now a big belly. The size 50 fits snug, not loose and not tight like a race suit. You have to open up the arm zippers to get in, now at 90 plus degrees to perforated leather and site vents area gods send... they really keep me cool during my daily commute -smile. The only drawback I see is, the top inside Velcro collar is a bit harsh (not smooth-soft) hence it irritates my Adams apple. I simple glued a piece of soft divers neoprene to the inside all good.
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