Valentin S. from Massachusetts

April 30, 2014
Sow. I stocked up on good gear and finally got my bike out of the garage after a long and gruesome New England winter. Guess what: First ride of the season, and after about 80 miles on my way back a car makes a U-turn out of a parking lot in front of me and I hit him at 35mph. My bike got totalled but I walked away with a few bruises. The reason why I'm writing this review: I slid on the tarmac for about 15 feet and have absolutely no flesh wounds whatsoever. The jacket and pants protected me really well. While the jacket is a bit stiff, I really like it. my shoulder / elbow didn't get messed up at all. Same goes for the pants. they look like everyday jeans but they're really good stuff. where I slid on the road they are a little scratched but I have no flesh wounds on my leg whatsoever and no knee injuries either. Can highly recommend both the pants and the jacket as they protected me well in an accident that could have gone awry. Picture shows me walking around a little disturbed after the accident (recorded by my helmet cam which was still on).

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