Dennis D. from California

April 30, 2014
I commute at night in San Francisco. The year round crisp weather is a challenge for any visor to stay fog free. It's a big safety issue so I decided invest in the Pinlock shield solution with the clear insert and used my credits from previous purchases and reviews to pay for it. Awesome! Thanks you folks rock. The Pinlock shield absolutely performed as advertised. Almost eliminated fogging under 25mph and eliminated fogging over 25mph all together. The insert do not pass the govt. light levels for night riding so the literature is loaded with "for daytime use only" disclaimers but it's fine IMHO. I rather have it the slightest shade darker than fogged up and riding blind. CAUTION: The pin lock insert scratches very easily. Do not use a dish sponge. Bath it in cool water with a just little dish soap. Use only your fingers to wash it. Dry it with the softest of microfiber towels and a final buff with a dry microfiber towel or you will get scratches which cause glare. Service from was awesome!

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